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Elizah (Liz) Goeff was born into a world much like the one we know today, but she doesn’t remember it. It’s all gone now. Following a series of catastrophic natural disasters, the government placed its hope for survival in the hands of Green Grow, an organization that believes growing food and medicine on space ships orbiting the Earth could be enough to sustain humanity on a planet that can no longer feed it. But not everyone agrees, and as civilization continues to unravel into a relentless death spiral, Liz and the other crew members of the Green Grow 3 realize they must choose. Leave the Earth’s orbit, or die.

As the ship prepares to leave, Liz discovers a group of people on Earth she cannot abandon. However, she realizes after bringing them on the ship that not everyone supports what she’s done. Will this fateful decision save Liz’s own humanity, or will it be her undoing? As the Green Grow 3 begins is journey to a distant and unimaginable destination, it becomes apparent that not even space flight can outpace human nature.

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    If COVID-19 has accomplished anything, it has lifted the veil on our domestic situations. In some cases, said lifting has been as pleasant as a duct tape band-aid. If your household is functional, happy, and loving, you are likely coping from a place of strength, even if you have substantial challenges to overcome. If your… Read more

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Coming soon!